Kris' Introduction

Ray Charles said, “The important thing is to feel your music, really feel it and believe it.” 

Kris Crowe grew up with a mother who had a musical family. His first memory of music was his grandfather playing guitar through “an old, custom, blue-padded amp”. 

As he grew up his mother wanted him to take an interest in music. This began with piano lessons at around age 10. “She made me take piano lessons, and I hated it. I didn’t like it at all.” Kris began to rebel against it, and after six months, his mother could see he wasn’t into it. 

“Then, when I was about thirteen, I sat down at the piano. I don’t even know why.” His mother had a chord book and a Beatles Complete song book. “I had already learned to read some treble clef notes, and I’d learned the chords in that chord book.” It was just a matter of time before Kris was playing Beatles melodies with his right hand over the bass clef chords with his left hand. “I learned some other music theory about chords at that time, but that was about it.” 

As a freshman in college, Kris’ brother, Kevin, called him to inform him he had gotten him an audition with a country band on a Thursday. Kris was hesitant, but reassured when Kevin insisted he would go to the audition with him. “So I went to an audition which I had no business attending, because these guys were older and more seasoned than me.” With his knowledge of chord structure, Kris states it was pretty evident that he had a lot to learn before he could play with this group of guys. Then something else happened. The band asked Kevin if he played music and he told them he played drums. They invited him to play for their drummer since he’d left early. “They loved Kevin. They offered him the drumming position, and he said he would do it only if I got to play too. So we did.” This was the start of an 8 year journey of Kris “picking their brains and them showing [him] everything. “That’s why I play today.” 

“I preferred more groove-oriented styles with bass and beat oriented sounds. Like blues. But to me the passion is the creative aspect. When we had our first original writing band, that’s when I found what I wanted to do. Regardless of the genre, I think what comes out is the important thing. As a kid I would listen to what other musicians were doing and use it to write my own stuff.” This is what Kris enjoys. 

When asked about what he looks forward to most with this band, Kris responded, “I’m excited for what we’re going to create this year. I want to get out and let people hear what we’ve created. I want to get that satisfying feeling when we write a song, it comes together, and you perform it to a crowd that digs it.” 

You can hear more of the original music Kris makes with Ariel and The High Wheels this Saturday, June 11th at PorchFest OBKY on Griffith Ave in Owensboro, KY at 7 PM or by visiting their social media pages or

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