Ariel and the high wheels

Founded  2019 as a 5 piece collaboration of songwriter musicians joined in the studio to create what they feel, regardless the genre without setting boundaries.  The result is an entertaining show of creative musicianship and intriguing lyrics powerfully presented with flavors of Rock, Americana, Country, and Soul.  Ariel's powerful lyrics speak to so many women with songs like "Out of your life" a song written of her own life's experiences.  Three of Ariel and the HighWheels' members wrote and performed  with Grammy nominated Will Hoge and have worked together on several studio projects together prior to founding the HighWheels.  Another member toured with Brasher Bogue among others and has countless successes and several albums spanning Blues, Country, and rock. Based from Bowling Green, Kentucky just north of Nashville Tennessee, Ariel and the HighWheels are currently playing openings for acts including Mercy Shine and The RT Johnson band, as well as headlining smaller venues.  If you enjoy catching that band that doesn't sound like everyone else, that truly has a vibe of their own, that each song makes you want to hear their next, don't miss Ariel and the HighWheels! 


Kris' Introduction 

Ray Charles said, “The important thing is to feel your music, really feel it and believe it.” 

Kris Crowe grew up with a mother who had a musical family. His first memory of music was his grandfather playing guitar through “an old, custom, blue-padded amp”. 

As he grew up his mother wanted him to take an interest in music. This began with piano lessons at around age 10. “She made me take piano lessons, and I hated it. I didn’t like it at all.” Kris began to rebel against it, and after six months, his mother…

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John McCormack's Introduction 

Nolan Gasser writes in his book “Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste”, that a lot of what we as human beings develop as musical tastes “has to do with where you grew up and what kind of musical influences are in the air, but we participate in so many subcultures of affinity, just based on what we like.” He also speaks about “inculturation” stating, “In the first six months or so, babies can actually follow the syntax of any musical style – complex rhythms from Turkey or major scales…

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Introduction - Ariel 

“Music is a mountain that you get the privilege to climb. You can camp out and take pictures, but you will never reach the top. That's the amazing part.” - Greg Jasperse 

“This quote is one of the many that has taught me that music is an ongoing learning process. It has made me appreciate the journey of getting where I am today as a musician as well as a person.” -Ariel 

Ariel grew up in the small town of Rockport, Indiana, just across the Ohio River from Owensboro, Kentucky. She is one of two adopted…

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